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RFI/EMI Shielded Switchable Privacy Laminations

RFI/EMI Shielded Switchable Privacy Laminations

By combining our Optolite™ lamination and shielded mesh technologies we provide customers with the ability to combine both privacy in sensitive environments and ensure RFI/EMI conditions are maintained. This unique product opens the way to provide high specification shielded areas with low power consumption switchable privacy and the inclusion of RFI/EMI security.

Optolite™ switch is designed to bespoke customers specifications within our UK manufacturing facility to the highest lamination standards.

See our short demo video:


  • MRI Shielded Rooms privacy
  • EMC Chambers
  • Military Screen Environments'
  • RFI Shielded Doors / Windows
  • Radiation /Magnetic Shields
  • Tempest Windows
  • EMI/EMP/EMC Protected Areas
  • Communications & Data Security

Typical Markets

  • Healthcare
  • MRI /shielded room Manufacturers
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Governmental & Military
  • Test Facilities
  • Science / Nuclear
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial & commercial


  • High Transparency
  • Easy Maintenance / easy clean surfaces
  • High RF Attenuation
  • Impact resistance materials
  • Fast Privacy Switching
  • Custom Designs

Ideal for Healthcare facilities, Airports, Screened Secure Areas, government & Scientific Research.

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