Anti Glare Screens for Rugged Displays

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Optical Laminated Touch Screens and Polycarbonate Screens

A fully laminated anti-glare touch screen consists of a polycarbonate screen with a strengthened glass front which provides scratch resistance while the functionality of the touch screen is not impacted. At Instrument plastics we can provide laminated anti-glare screens with drastically increased integral strength and unimpaired optical clarity. Each laminated touch screen is hand assembled in clean room conditions. This is to ensure consistent high quality due to the demanding applications for which the shielded touch screens may be used. 

Rugged Displays

Overall with added durability and impact resistance our shielded touch screens can be used in a variety of military, aviation, medical and industrial applications.

At instrument plastics all major touch screens can be laminated, this includes –

  • 4 wire resistive
  • 7/8 wire resistive
  • 5/6 wire resistive
  • Surface acoustic wave
  • Infrared
  • Infrared shadow
  • Surface Capacitive
  • Projective Capacitive

We are also happy to advise customers on what Touch screen would best suit there requirements due to the numerous types of touch screen available.

Instrument plastics can also incorporate into touch screens -

  • EMI Shielding
  • Colour /tinted windows
  • Privacy windows
  • Circular Polarisation for improved sunlight readability.
  • Printing on the glass
  • Gaskets
  • Transparent heater
  • Chemically strengthened laminated glass

Other applications

  • Anti-vandal touch screens
  • Polycarbonate toughened screens for medical and food processing manufacturers.
  • Bullet resistance lamination

Overall Instrument plastics can supply touch screens for a variety of applications where durability and wide ranging temperature stability are paramount. 

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