Cut to size adhesive Gaskets

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Cut to size adhesive Gaskets

Instrument Plastics can assist in sourcing, cutting and die cutting adhesive gasket sheets into bespoke sizes. 

With our range of X/Y plotting machines we can produce a limited number of parts without the need for tooling (Only a DXF/ CAD file is required).  These machines also automatically nest the shapes on the material to be cut ensuring minimal wastage.

This option is particularly suited to thinner materials, the plotter works by using a blade (or other tools) fixed into a head to cut material which is held down onto a bed by a vacuum. The maximum working area of our machines is 1600mm x 2000mm.  

Overall this process is ideal for small production runs and allows the end user to have prototypes produced in a far shorter time window.  

Features of Computer aided Gasket cutting

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Small batch runs

Benefits of Computer aided Gasket cutting

  • Reduces development timescales
  • Lowers R&D costs
  • Can directly use DXF / CAD file from end customer

As mentioned above we still continue to use traditional die cutting with higher volume orders or to cut thicker adhesive gaskets that cannot be cut on our plotting equipment.

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