Optolite ITO Shielded Glass

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Optolite ITO Shielded Glass

Instrument Plastics can now offer a range of shielded glass displays with a conductive coating on one side to prevent EMI/RFI.

 Key features 

  • Precision cut to size parts 
  • High light transmission 
  • Excellent shielding performance
  • Scratch resistant
  • Available with or without thermal toughening for extra impact resistance.
  • Laminated version available for extra strength and security 
  • Etched non-glare or multilayer anti-reflection coating can be specified.
  • Busbar contact edges available if required in either copper , aluminium or printed conductive ink 

Typical applications 

  • Medical and Military LED/LCD monitors.
  • Shielded cameras
  • Sensors and displays
  • EMI / RF Shielding 

Technical details 

  • Light Transmission – 84%
  • Electrical resistance- 10-12 Ohms
  • Temperatures -60/+110 ℃
  • EMI Shielding effectiveness – 5-60dB (10kHz-40GHz)
  • Available thicknesses 3, 4 and 6mm. 

Other options available 

  • 1.1mm Thin float glass in 5 Ohms/sq and 12-15 Ohms/sq


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