Optical Bonding

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Optical Bonding

Instrument Plastics new optical bonding service can be incorporated into a variety of optical displays, cover lens’s and touch screens. The IP Solisbond process provides an innovative engineered solution whilst our new class 10,000 clean room bonding facility ensures unparalleled quality. With our extensive knowledge Instrument plastics can assist you throughout the process from initial design and material selection to final production. We can also assist you in choosing suitable touch screens and other optical display configurations.

Features of IP Solisbond bonded displays:

  • Can be customized to be used in automotive and marine applications where an operating temperature range of (-30Cto+85C) is required.

The IP Solisbond


  • Reflection loss is about 8%due to air gap
  • IP Solisbond reduces sunshine reflection and loss of light from backlight units

Key Benefits

  • Improved Sunlight Readability:
    Decreases reflection on the display glass from external light source, hence improves the contrast ratio.
  • Shock-resistant:
    Adhesive is soft and not brittle
  • Re-workable process:
    High yield:1%~5% yield loss of display,1%yield loss of cover lens and touch panel
  • Improved Luminance:
    Reduces light loss from backlight units which increases luminance for about 8%
  • Straight forward process:
    No UV curing required
  • Green process and material
  • Cost-effective

Test Summary

  • IP Solisbond can withstand temperature ranges between -40C to +200C
  • Does not suffer from the UV effects,so it doesn’t become brittle or yellow when exposed to direct sunlight

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