Optolite™ Polycarbonate

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Optolite™ Polycarbonate

Instrument plastics offer a full range of Polycarbonate windows.  Machine sizes available with optically clear or non-glare abrasion resistance coatings. Various thicknesses available by optical lamination. Colours also available. 

Benefits of Optolite™ Polycarbonate

  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent flammability rating 
  • Comparable to glass in terms of clarity but a far lighter substrate.

Optolite™ Polycarbonate (Colours/Colors) 

Instrument plastics can also offer a range of polycarbonate sheets in a wide range of colours. Typical applications would be LED, Electro- luminescent and Vacuum Fluorescent displays. 

Optolite™IR Blocking Laminated Polycarbonate

This is a clear film lamination which maintains high visible light transmission while blocking infrared heat. This is non-metallic and neutral in colour.

Key properties 

  • Reduces solar radiation by up to 34%  with minimal reduction of visiblelight
  • Multilayer film selectively blocks infrared light, thus reducingheat
  • Available in Glass orPolycarbonate
  • Neutral in colour, low reflectivity, lowabsorption
  • Available with AR / ITO coatings, tints and alternative finishes
  • Corrosion free, non-metallictechnology
  • No interference with radionfrequencies

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